A Day With The Hoopers – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us

Date: October 2013

Hi Harmonie Atkinson here. I am 7 years old. Welcome to my website. If you want to say hi, leave a comment below & if it’s a nice message my Daddy will get the message to me 🙂  …

On Saturday I visited our friends “The Hoopers” with my Daddy and brother Levi aged 9 …

While Daddy & Roger went out to get dinner Lauren(aged 12), Stevie(8years old) & Joe(10 years old) and I decided to make a fun video..

Lauren made the video on her iphone with an app she has on it with Stevie & I jumping around dancing, play fighting and having a lot of fun..

I chose the song to play in background as its a song I really like a lot.. Levi & Daddy really like it too and we like singing it. The song is by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis called “Can’t Hold Us”.. Lauren then put the song with the video & made the video look really cool..

We all had a great day together which included a swim in the pool.. and it was a really nice way to spend the last full day of our school holiday staying with Daddy..

Hope you enjoy our video below..

Harmonie Atkinson 

A Day With the Hoopers Video

2 Responses to “A Day With The Hoopers – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us”

  1. I loved the video Harmonie very professionally produced and edited. Creative and enjoyable to watch. Well done, Daddy must be very proud of you. God Bless you!! Best wishes, Antonio

  2. Harmonie says:

    Thanks Antonio.. Harmonies Dad here… Yes I am very proud of Harmonie!.. Its such an honour to be her Dad and have a part in her life… Very Kind of you to take the time to share your thoughts here… and yes totally agree it is very professionally produced and edited & I must give credit to Lauren Hooper aged 12 who produced & edited the video.. Glad you loved it… and I will be sure to make sure Harmonie reads your comment here when I see her next… Have an Awesome One!

    Dad to the Most Awesomest Girl In the World! aka Harmonie! 🙂 …

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